February 19th, 2007

Halloween Cat


The moodiness strikes back! I was feeling very cranky and dissatisfied last night - is my writing really so crappy no one wants to read it? Even bad commentary means someone at least took the time to look at it, but no commentary at all.... *whimper* Maybe I need to belong to even more writer's groups. Oh, well. I do wish the Phoenix writer's workshop didn't meet on Tuesday nights. Maybe when the season changes I can make some of their meetings (or maybe I can finally get Tivo and not schedule my life around the television's broadcast schedule...).

I ate WAY too much pizza last night - this tells me I really need to indulge my cravings when I get them, instead of storing them up so that when the object of my craving is finally placed in front of me, I can't stop. And overeating aside, it was a pretty nice night. We went up to tiirz and edgedancer's place, hung out, watched some silly vids, and just had a good time.

Of course, I may be partially cranky because I have to work today. I hope the Post Office lets us have Saturday's mail, or it's going to be a LLLLOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG day. I did not get up and go to the gym, some of which I blame on continued sinus headache and taking Benadryl after 9:30 last night. I woke up in the middle of the night having a dream about eating a very melty ice cream cone and I'd drooled all over my pillow because I wasn't breathing through my nose. Eew. A world of eew.
Halloween Cat

Wishful Drinking

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I'm no longer cranky, so the moodiness has passed. I suppose that's why they call it "moodiness." *g*

It was a surprisingly fast day, but fortunately we got Saturday's mail, so there was work to do - in addition, two people called in sick, three were on vacation, and one had an all-day meeting, so it was spread out amongst those of us who were left. It meant I was the only lead worker around, so everyone brought me their questions... how is it that anyone with a functioning brain (i.e., the ability to articulate, walk, chew gum) can't retain simple "this is how you sort and label incoming mail" information? Many of these people have been in Imaging much longer than I have, even...

I came up with a sure-fire way to NOT spend everything I earn the weekend I earn it - I put a large chunk into my online-bank savings account, where it's accessible when I need it, but it's not connected to my easy-to-use debit card. Ah ha! So I wantonly spent like the consumer ho I am, but I still have the cash to last out the next two weeks (and it's earning nice interest). Fiscal responsibility is surely just around the corner.

Ooo! Lightning. I wonder if I should shut the computer down or throw caution to the winds (and rain! Lots of rain!).

My, there's a lot of chocolate in this house.
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