February 14th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Crazy in Love

For some reason or other, the entire time I had a cold, I had no trouble at all with my allergies. Cold now gone, allergies (and accompanying sinus headache) back. Bodies am strange.

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! I actually found a tiny potted rosebush this year, with lots of fresh new leaves and buds, to bring home to my lovely and long-suffering S.O., as well as the box of See's (which actually came from her friend Sandy, whom I'm not sure of the LJ tag of), and we're going out to default dinner tonight at Black Angus. Which I have to say I'm not unhappy about - I love sushi, but I cannot complain about steak. Especially since we have one of those "for two" dinner special coupons for Filet Mignon. Yum!

I baked refrigerator sugar cookies last night, and this morning I dared an Indian dessert dish, Lapsee, which I will bring and see if the actual real Indian girl in my unit doesn't laugh at my attempt. It was trying her version that inspired me to find the recipe, anyway.

I'm all decked out in my new red Valentine's dress (I'd show a link, but I got it at Newport's clearance and they don't have it available anymore - somewhat similar to this one, but only knee-length and smooth velvet in bright sweetheart red). I just felt dressy.

I have done no Valentine's Day memes at all. Mostly I've been doing a lot of trying to keep caught up with my Flist; I haven't been over to the country music boards in two weeks (bad me). It's amazing how time shoots past - I have only a month to study for that stupid Insurance test, and I'm only on chapter three. I never did have very good study habits even when I was in college (I squeaked by on the skin of my teeth, really). And those were subjects I was INTERESTED in! S'rsly, who dreams of becoming an insurance adjuster?