February 12th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Your Mother Should Know

Today it occurred to me that if we really want to have sushi on Valentine's Day, perhaps we should make reservations. I called Zen 32 and said, "6:30 Wednesday," to which the reply was, "Valentine's Day?!" She managed to keep from saying, "You're joking, right?!" Okay, we're totally lame. So no sushi again this year. Instead we managed to get a 6:15 reservation at Black Angus. Color us silly. What do you want from two chronically "what do you want to do tonight?" planners?

I seem to be better. Tired, still, though; I think I won't go to the gym until at least Thursday, just to make sure I don't strain myself. So there.

I'm not focusing well enough to do any real writing, though. Phoo.
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