February 8th, 2007

Halloween Cat

The One the Left Was On the Right

Tuesday morning I popped up out of bed, went for a workout, and felt magnificent. About an hour after arriving, I started to drip. Post-nasally. It kept dripping and itching and my eyes started watering. By the time I went home, I knew it was a cold. I came home and drank Airborne, sucked in some vitamins, and determined I Would Not Be Sick. I bundled up and dragged myself around the office yesterday, but this morning I decided I'd better give in. I'm sick.

Phooey. I didn't want to get sick this year. Another goal blown.

I slept from about 7:30 last night until 11:30 this morning (with a few wake-up times to call my carpool mate and the office, of course), and now I'm bundled in my jim-jams and watching my stories. I may go back to bed here shortly. I had some Nice Chicken Soup - I'd wanted it on Tuesday night but for the first time I think in our entire married lives, Barb and I had no chicken in the freezer, so it had to be beef soup (a frozen chuck roast, boiled for about a hour, pull the bones, then add veggies and spices; voila!). What I had today was just out of a can, though.

In better news, information about yearly merit increases came down, and I'm getting a sizable raise - split between a lump-sum "bonus cash" and the rest in my yearly pay - and that'll start with my first paycheck in March, so hooray for me. I suppose as I move into the upper bracket of my "level" I will have to start thinking about where to go from here, but dang it, I'm happy in the mailroom. It gives me time to think.

Brain not working. Maybe it's time to go back to bed.
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