February 4th, 2007

Halloween Cat

I Guess Things Happen That Way

I hate that "how smart are you?" meme... I can't get better than 21/25 (about 77%). Of course, it does go to prove that I'm not as smart as all the people I hang out with. It's just out in the "real world," with the common folk, that I seem like Einstein. I *know* I'm not that smart - I can't even figure out what I'm getting wrong (although I'm assuming the "prime number" one is one of them, since I have no clue about prime numbers). I'm not even sure why I stress about such pointless things, but I do.

I realized something the other day, as I plotted and planned out my story contest entries for the coming year and trying to figure out how to get to a Phoenix Writer's meeting (they meet on Tuesday, which is not a good night for going out when you're addicted to television), and I realized something - the reason I never pushed myself as a writer while I was working on EQ fanfic or working for RSI writing in their world was that I had an audience. Deprived of that audience, I now WANT to market myself, because in my egotistical artist's heart, I want people to read what I write. I went through the "for myself/for a few friends" part - now I want money. As well as someone, anyone, to like my imaginary people and their world as much as I do.

If a football game is rigidly timed to 60 minutes, why do they take 3 hours to broadcast?

Yesterday we did the labor-intensive work of making fresh-fish sushi (sashimi), with sides of lettuce wraps. Lots of food and lots of work, and it explains exactly why sushi costs so much. My inside-out rolls were tasty, but kept falling apart. The rest of the rolls did all right. Barb's lettuce wraps were delicious. At least everything tasted good (really, really good). We watched a British indie film called "Kinky Boots," which was a lot of fun, and of course I had to spin "Groundhog Day."

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Now I'm doing a little writing, actually making progress on Book III.

I want pizza.

I did not make my goal of cleaning the bathroom. Oh, I vacuumed up the drifts of cat hair from the baseboards, and I did wash the mold out of the drainer (which is an exciting job, I tell ya), but I did not scrub the floor. On the other hand, I DID clean up behind my desk so we could hang new drapes in here, so something was accomplished anyway. I had taken down the old curtains to wash them and discovered the backs were so faded after years of morning sun hitting them - and they were hand-made to begin with - that we went to Tuesday Morning to see if there were good ones, and there were these, with a nice pattern, lined, full drapes, for only $50.00. I'm pleased with them. I also found some very nice Passion Fruit-flavored white tea, which I'm sipping at now. It's quite nice.