February 1st, 2007

Halloween Cat

You're always 17 in your home town

I am a total wuss.

Tuesday morning I had a dentist appointment, to have new fillings put in, and I naturally worked myself into a tizzy over it. I got there just before 7, was sat in the chair, and the doc put topical on my gums in prep for the novacaine. I neither saw nor felt the needle, yet within seconds I knew I was going under. They sat me up and left, and I was already numbing, so my mumbled, "Lay me back down!" went unheard. I woke up probably no more than seconds later, bathed in cold sweat and returning mentally from that strange world I go to when I faint, and neither the dentist nor the hygenist even realized I'd been gone. At least for a change I didn't scare anyone to death with my little mental voyage. My mouth was totally numb and the fillings were rapidly completed, including topping off one on the bottom, and I was out the door before 8, so it sure didn't take too long. (And my dental insurance isn't too bad, either; two fillings and a small repair, OOP $65 - plus they let me post-date for Friday, which is payday.) I probably shouldn't have been driving, but I managed to get to work on time, even making a stop for a drink which I needed (GOD, I miss the spit-sinks! Those suction things don't get the gunk all out of the mouth at all!), and there I worked for about an hour feeling sick and lightheaded before my intelligent and observant supervisor sent me downstairs to medical, where I laid down in one of the resting areas for a half-hour, after which I felt better and was able to re-join the living.

And I probably would have been fine if I hadn't worked myself up about it in advance!

I gained back three of the pounds I'd lost since New Year's, and haven't done anything about this situation yet, really (of course missed a workout on Tuesday and tried to sleep in yesterday, because I was TIRED) - but I'm up today and raring to go. More or less. I ate donuts yesterday because they were available and had a somewhat heavy dinner, but we'll see when I get to the gym. As long as I don't gain more, I'll be fine. I was checking my progress last year and it looks like this is pretty much how I operate - if I'm magnificently good as I was last year, most of my weight loss came in March, April, and May (post-Valentine's Day, imagine that!). Not that this means I'll slack off this month, even with See's Candies! Honest!

I need to stop buying necklaces and earrings separately. I find myself filled with this passion to find actual matches for them... part of that "became a girl suddenly" stuff, I suppose. Goes along with needing shoes for every outfit. And I also noticed I don't have nearly enough blue in my wardrobe. It really IS a sickness!

Molly Ivins has passed away. An absolutely brilliant writer, funny, topical, and always spot-on observant. The great ladies of Texas are both gone - Ann Richards and Molly - and I miss 'em. Much as I love Maureen Dowd, Molly had a sharp sizzle in her writing that Maureen doesn't; and like sillymagpie observes, one sad note is Molly didn't live to see the end of the Bush administration. 'Tis a sad day, indeed.
Halloween Cat

Ghost Towns Along the Highway

Having listened to John Mellencamp's newest album (released January 23, so it's out already), I have determined that I want to mate with this music and have its babies. For the first time in many years, I feel good about being an American again. Thank you, Mr. Mellencamp! It's as timely as Young's Living With War from last year, but a lot more timeless - and he pinpoints a number of things spot-on, such as with the song Jim Crow, where he attempts to remind everyone that changing the WORD doesn't change the attitude behind it (sung with Joan Baez, too).

Of course, instead of writing the review, I'm playing around with LJ. Figures.

I worked out this morning. My subconscious is trying to talk me out of doing so again tomorrow. Not sure way. Must beat down subconscious.

My W-2s have not arrived yet. Ergh. I can't make an appointment with either tax man until I have those in hand (the company I went to last year and the man who actually handled my account went their separate ways this last year - I'm now trapped between which to stick with. On the one hand, UFS is still close by; on the other hand, Frank knew my financial situation and I wouldn't have to explain again to a new person... but he moved his office to outer Mongolia (otherwise known as north Scottsdale... although now that I look at the map again, he's really not that far from where tiirz and edge_dancer moved to)).

I made The Glorious Pound Cake for work tomorrow - the recipe makes two full Bundt cakes, though, so there's one for home.

And now...

I'm Charles the Mad. Sclooop.
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
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Oh, and very important:
Tomorrow is GROUNDHOG DAY!!!