January 27th, 2007

Halloween Cat

Freedom's Child

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Today we went shopping, bought some bathroom rugs we did need, and went to Ross to buy clothes we didn't need. I found a snazzy pair of jeans (which don't fit yet), some pretty pink blouses, and an awesome pair of cowboy boots, all for less than $60. Then to the grocery store for soda and a few other needful things. I fired up the grill and put on a pork tenderloin and some beef ribs, let them sit while baking chocolate chip cookies. Barb made guacamole (world's best!), and we had corn, and all was delicious (although the ribs got a little charred - my old Weber is a good grill, but I don't regulate my heat as well as I should).

Back to jeans that don't fit. I'm hoping that the now three pairs of pants that don't fit well will get me off my butt and back to the gym, as well as force me to regulate my calories properly. I gained back three or four pounds in Las Vegas (I have to check at the gym where a proper scale is), but I had such a good time, well, there it is. Plus... chocolate chip cookies. But I WILL behave now, I vow!

I will also get myself back to work. Now that the holidays are really, finally over - including vacation - I must settle down to serious work. I mailed my package to the agent on Monday, so... Another wait! And while I wait, work!