January 10th, 2007

Halloween Cat

I guess that's why they call it the blues

I need to go through my journal and tag entries. I was looking for the last time I did an official Ticker Factory count on my weight. It was back in July. And why? Because I just re-reached that same goal I was at back on July 17, 159 pounds. *sigh* I thought I was doing all right. I knew I'd gained a little over the holidays, but I didn't realize I was that badly stalled.

Still, it is true I always lose more at the top of the year than at the bottom. From July on I either maintain or gain, so at least I didn't really gain (or I've already lost everything I did gain).

I think I'm battling a cold. Either that or I'm sore, draggy, tired, and headachey for no reason. (Well, sore maybe because I tried to increase the workout - fish oil is helping my shoulder, and I'm working slowly back up to weight training on the upper body, but I SWEAR I'm not overdoing it.)

I have finished my thank-you cards - and if you gave me something and don't get one, it's because I can thank you this way. My family gets cards. *g*

Humorous article, and nice; and another, which isn't funny but it's just as sad...

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And just because I've been trying to get my butt writing again, I am going to include a general overview of my world:

General world info: Mostly a parallel Earth, with only a few slight changes, most notable of which is, of course, magic works. And many people know or are at least aware that it truly existed once, as one of the sciences. Select people know it still works, or may even know a true Mage. As Judeo-Christian mythos (fear of witchcraft and magic) spread and gained power, it served to oppress mages/magickal families, driving them into secrecy and hiding. Eventually the complete suppression of magic as a science followed, which included the systematic destruction of magickal creatures (including werewolf families as well as vampires, leprechauns, and other human/spirit creatures both benevolent and not). In-depth magickal studies indicate werewolves were driven to extinction in the Great Werewolf Massacre of 1478, although this isn’t strictly true – many European werewolves sought shelter in Ireland, where they were welcomed and integrated into native families; the Judeo-Christian ideals didn’t initially reach much of Asia, Africa, or the Americas, where native werewolves continue to exist today, although they are just as secretive as mages. Vampires, likewise, went underground, especially the “true vampires,” the benevolent vampires who co-exist with their human families and friends as protectors and retainers; of course even the renegade vampires, the “in-betweeners,” as well as the “nosferatu” monsters, live in hiding, as well. Since most “leprechauns” (luck spirits) and other such magickal creatures are actually born into magickal families and thus are relatively easy to keep secret (many leprechauns usually don’t even know that’s what they are – and of course, only Irish families really use that term, although it’s a quick and easy way of explaining what luck spirits are. No pots of gold or short green guys, but good luck tends to follow them, especially their loved ones, through life; a few highly attuned leprechauns can be able to grant wishes, but that is exceedingly rare).

Drat. I haven't uploaded the Box of Kittens icon.