October 21st, 2006

Halloween Cat

In which I vent

This morning I blew up at my "boss" - i.e., the webmistress who handles my reviews and posts them - every week I turn in reviews and every week she finds something nitpicky to complain about. Usually it has to do with the many links we have to insert into said reviews for her web page templates (formulated by About.com, the main owners of the page). In other words, we have to make sure HER job is easy. She jumped on me because the new Merle Haggard & George Jones album is not available on the main "Pricegrabber" page, so I left that area blank. We have to have a link to someplace to buy the album - I get that. It's a money page. But I had ALREADY sent her the Amazon link for the cover, and the Amazon link was also in the review itself, later, so in essense I had given her the link to buy the album, not once, but TWICE. It just wasn't at the top of the review, forcing her to, what, go to the bottom of the review instead of the top??? So I finally told her if she's going to nitpick every damned thing I do, she could find someone else to review all the Americana. Then I calmed down and was more reasonable. I haven't heard back from her, though.

But I still have many obligations, reviews I've said I would do, and I'm not going to walk away with a backup queue like this; so I'm still working on J.J. Baron this morning, but I finally gave up and decided to catch up on my flist, which I haven't had the chance to read in three days. Some interesting stuff going on out there.

On another topic, speaking of plushie cuteness...

The Girl in the Fireplace was my favorite episode of last season; I loved watching it again last night. It was the episode where I started to notice how much Tennant looks like Sean Patrick - which of course led to my insane obsession with Ten, and thereby Who itself, turning me into a squealing fangirl instead of just someone who watches the show. sillymagpie wanted to know who wrote it, and so did I, so I went to Outpost Gallifrey to look it up, and found it came from Steven Moffat, the same fellow who gave us the previous season's Hugo-Award-winning The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. I love writers.

We also watched most of Pyramids of Mars, but we had to stop because it was time for the SF showing, so there's one more eppy of that left to go. I just also downloaded the Rowan Atkinson parody Curse of the Fatal Death, which I'll watch here sometime (along with the others I've downloaded). rahirah found out Torchwood will be available at the BBC for legitimate download, so yay. We won't be cyber criminals this time out.

But I suppose I really need to finish my article. The remarkable J.J. Baron. Not sure if you'd like his music? At least go and read his bio. You might decide you like him unheard. But he is very good - folksy roots music, excellent songwriter, sounds a little like Neil Young.
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