October 8th, 2006

Halloween Cat

In which I am vaguely discontented

I sit here in the middle of a bright and beautiful Sunday afternoon wanting =something= and unsure as to what that is. If it be food or activity or something else entirely I know not.

Yesterday I put some finishing touches on Collapse ), and then I made Collapse )

With a salad and that was Saturday's dinner.

Then today we went to Tuesday Morning to see if I could find some good grilling gloves, since mine are starting to come apart due to burns from handling the coal chimney; but it's the wrong season. Instead we got some Christmas presents for some folks and a nice fuzzy blanket to replace the old cat-chewed one. I wanted to buy a very nice carry basket for carrying stuff to work on food days, but I can't think of where I'd keep it between uses (storage is at a premium in this house)... I really want it, though. Maybe that's why I'm discontented. I can't get anything because I have no place to PUT anything.

I suppose I could finish up with the laundry. It's really nice outside, a little breezy and cool (especially for here!). At least we got out and about today!

Oh, and GIP.
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