September 25th, 2006

Halloween Cat

In which I meme

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Tonight I grilled steaks, lovely New York Strip, with which we had salad and baked yam fries. Yummy! I then continued to pig out and ate six cookies (the Trader Joe's version of Oreos, "Joe Joe's," which are only marginally healthier than real Oreos, but rather tastier). As I spent all day Saturday watching Dr. Who and eating, I need to get back in gear and watch my calories again. Yikes. It doesn't help that I'm in one of those carb moods where all I can think about is bread. Warm, yummy, soft bread with butter all over it... Bread... hmmmmmm....

In good news, I have paid off the IRS. I called this morning and found the monthly payment hadn't been taken out because all I owed was $18.35, which I mailed in check form. Yay! Freed of one monetary burden, we're that much closer to actually being affluent (or as affluent as upper-level poverty can be, anyway). I'd party, but I want to be sure I can pay both the property taxes and the house insurance, first.
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