June 15th, 2006

Halloween Cat

In which I ramble

Note to self:

Always remember to check the formatting when transferring WordPerfect files into Word docs.

I have packaged up my manuscript and sent it away in the mail, although I notice NOW that my page numbers didn't save properly in the Word document. Argh. And, oh, ARGH.

The very day I put said package in the mail I received some VERY excellent commentary from kehf, pointing out to me some really egregious mistakes I should have caught even once in my 5,000+ reads of the thing. Of course, now I'm neatly in the middle of that doubt/hubris place where on the one hand, it sucks; on the other hand, it's really good, I know it is.

I'm skeered.

Hey, they changed the time on my soap (I know, it's junk, I can't help myself) for Thursday because of golf. I suppose I should check every day but it moves a lot better when I watch several episodes at once. I'm sure I missed Something Very Important in today's episode. That always happens when I miss one. (Yeah, I know, they'll recap. It's not like I even watch it THAT closely...)

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