December 28th, 2005

Halloween Cat


This is what happens when I put off reading the NY Times for four days and catch up on a couple of days' worth of news all at once...

I wish the American people would remember that the President of the United States is not our BOSS, he is our EMPLOYEE. He is the major domo of the country, and if we, his employers, are dissatisfied with his performance in the upkeep and maintanance of our country, we can fire him. He does not have limitless power over us and our rights. That's the way the country was set up.

The administration also wants you to think that wages are on an upswing. But during the current recovery, wages have lagged inflation by 0.3 percent for 80 percent of the work force, generally defined as nonmanagers. To add insult to injury, the decline has occurred even as Americans have set records for productivity. That means Americans are working harder, but taking home less.

So basically while it is true the economy is better, it's really only better if you happen to be a stockholder or a member of a board, or probably if you make more than $75,000 a year.

I myself am so broke I can't figure out how I managed to spend every single spare cent I had in three days (I was paid last Friday). I didn't manage to save anything for our little New Year's trip on this coming Friday, so I'll have to scrape up the spare change from the change jar so I can at least buy lunch. Well, at least we had a pretty darned good Christmas.
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