December 26th, 2005

Halloween Cat

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This is what the meme says:

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Stop being a productive member of society.

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But I say what I REALLY need to buckle down and do is lose that last 40 pounds. And I can do it, too.

The loot this year was pretty good. Am I totally a hypocrit in that I encouraged my Mom to, yes, get me the new Garth Brooks box set, which I could not (or would not) buy for myself because it was only being sold at Wal-Mart? Anyway, I got that, and a little die-cast '36 Suburban, a Blue Willow Inn Cookbook, nutmeg3 gave us cookie cutters (cute!) and cat coasters, while fenchurche gave us the first season of Lois & Clark. Whoo hoo! Barb and I didn't open our presents to each other, since we'll do that on New Year's with sillymagpie. I bought myself the soundtrack to Firefly and John Lennon's Working Class Hero. I'll be going with Mom to Vegas in January, and instead of driving together, we're meeting up there at the airport, so I had to get plane tickets, too. Put it together with the iPod and all the stuff we got for the house last month, plus the new clothes, and, well, now I'm broke, but happy.

The goose was a pretty good experiment. It roasted very well and the stuffing Barb came up with was yummy, but it was on the greasy side and much tougher than turkey (as well as being a very bland meat; although that could be because I'm used to brined turkey now), so while I liked it, I don't think I'll rush to have another (especially considering the price; and I'm not altogether certain it liked me; I woke up last night feeling VERY sick to my stomach). I'm glad we did a goose just once, though.

It has been a very good Christmas.