December 24th, 2005

Halloween Cat


Tonight for the first time in many, many, many years I took down my 20mm round crystal pendant and wore it. Then I went to fix the wire it had been dangling on all these years (hanging from a picture frame in the bedroom) and replace said crooked wire with a real silver jump ring. Ring turned out to be too big for the hole, and I broke my old pendant.

Deeply saddened, I went roaming the internet in search of a replacement, and I found this place. Whee!!! I ordered a replacement for the old pendant and a few in other colors, too, since I could. And oh, how many other beads I want to buy! What a happy site!

Tonight we went out to dinner and to look at the lights. Lots of pretty displays in and around our neighborhood. Dinner was Applebee's, simple plain food because that's what rahirah's mom likes these days and I had a gift certificate. It wasn't bad at all, really.

My iPod stopped working today. I had BETTER be able to reset it tomorrow (I'm following the instructions from the Help website). I plugged it in last night to recharge and all seemed to be working fine, but it would not play today.

I had to work today although apparently everyone I know (outside of my office) was off. Well, at least I'm off Monday.

Happy Holidays, everyone, no matter WHAT you celebrate! (I'm assuming the Christians among you do, indeed, remember that old saw, "the reason for the season." Heck, everyone in this generation grew up with Linus's "I'll tell you the meaning of Christmas," after all. Not to mention "maybe, he thought, Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas means a little bit more." Sheesh.)

Joy joy!