December 22nd, 2005

Halloween Cat


I can't believe I haven't updated since the 14th.

Happy Long Night/Solstice to all! (While I myself celebrate Christmas, I have no problem with those who celebrate other winter holidays!)

I've started working out again, and it's starting to show. However, I haven't been counting calories at all, so I'm still up in actual pounds, but at least my clothes are fitting well again. Sheesh, what laziness can do to a body! After the holidays I'll get back on the calorie-counting wagon again. Maybe I can finally shed the last 35 pounds (or so, since I gained some back this year).

Pet peeve: Why can't they make labels out of the same material as the rest of the shirt?!? I've had to chop the tags out of more than half my clothes because my skin is so sensitive to those scratchy fabrics! Then add the ones who sew the scratchy, sharp tags right into the seam, so when you do cut them out, you end up with a torn seam! ARGH!!!

I am almost through with watching Arrested Development season one, so I hope someone bought me season two and three. :) I want to spend some of my Christmas money on new boots, but I have some other expenses I have to think of, so I don't know if it's going to happen. I think I might take my day off next week and drive up to Cowtown Boots, the best Western Wear outlet store in the world, except it's a many miles trip (up at I-17 and Thunderbird, which isn't really that far in miles, but in traffic it's astounding).

All Christmas presents are bought except for something for rahirah's mom, who is most difficult to buy for since she's not really actively collecting anything much anymore.

The new hours are okay to work, but are making things tough for trips to the bank and the post office. I have the rest of this year's presents for tiirz and edgedancer, but I haven't wrapped them yet--I sent last year's presents and one of this year's already, though, so they have something to open this year. :) I have a check from my Uncle Bob that has to get to the bank, but if I can, I may have to wait until next week when I have Thursday off and can get there during banking hours.

I have now chopped out 50,000 words, so my anti-NaNoWriMo task is complete; I still have about 100,000 words to go. I have no idea how I'm going to do it. However, the general structure of Book Two has now changed slightly, since so much of Ring of Fire has been moved...
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