December 13th, 2005

Halloween Cat


The porch is now covered with cats.

First there was Dusty, a skinny little kitten whom I could not resist. Now Dusty is growing up into a sturdy, glossy, handsome tom with a nice plush coat. The one I called "Little Girl" has grown up enough to prove that he is instead a little boy, and a feisty, pushy little fellow, at that. He's black, long-haired, a tiny little morsel, with exactly two white whiskers (one on each side). When I open the door, if he's hungry, he'll jump right inside.

And then came "Stranger." Stranger is a long-haired calico-tabby mix of some kind, I think, mostly cinnamon, black, and white. She is definitely a she, but she is no kitten. She has old teeth and the thickened skin on her belly that says she's probably well beyond kitten-bearing (and possibly, considering how extremely tame she is--she lets me brush her and mess with her feet--she's been long spayed). But Stranger seems to have no home, because once she moved in, she moved in to stay. Dusty and Feisty will wander and roam as strays will, sometimes disappearing for days at a time. Stranger moved into the box under the front porch table, where she sleeps, and she moves from there to the porch chairs to sleep in the sun. I think someone moved out of the apartments across the street and either left her (boo!) or lost her (whimper!). She was just about skin and bones when she came, and I haven't the heart to turn any of them out.

I do have "sucker" tattooed on my forehead in cat. However, continuing to afford to feed six cats is becoming a concern. They teem around my feet when I leave for work and when I come home.

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For two days now I have been working the 8:45 to 5:00 shift. So far, not too bad. {knock wood}