November 25th, 2005

Halloween Cat


I had a really good day. We got up relatively early and went out to play (shop) a little, checking out Tuesday Morning and Target before hitting See's Candies (for gifts, mostly). Then we played Baldur's Gate for a few hours, I wrote the two reviews I had due today - T. J. Casey's "Pure D Cowboy" and the soundtrack to "Walk The Line" - then we went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which was very good, came back and had some leftovers and watched four S2 episodes of my very favorite sitcom ever, Scrubs.

So why am I so depressed now? Hopefully it's just 'cause of the horrible story nutmeg3 posted, which is one of those terrible stories of the crimes men commit against animals; 'cause when I feel this way, I hope it was caused by SOMETHING and it isn't just my unreasonable internal psyche picking on anything and everything that I internally fret over to make me depressed and moody. I'll go from "those poor baby cheetahs" to "everyone hates me" in mere seconds when this sort of thing happens.

ANYWAY, Thanksgiving was good. I miss having a lot of people to cook for, so as a result, there are a LOT of leftovers. It was only a 14-pound bird, but that does a lot more than feed three people. Gravy came out nicely -- I'm getting the hang of properly decanting the drippings and then straining it off into the roux. I also made a deep-dish pumpkin pie, a three-bread stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Barb made yam casserole with apples (yummy!) and there were peas and cute chocolate turkeys from Lake Champlain.

I have, on the bad side, actually gained weight for the first time in three years of maintaining a major weight loss, so I have to TRY and be good between now and Christmas.