November 23rd, 2005

Halloween Cat

Early Friday

I love weeks that end on Wednesday.

For those who enjoy reading editorials, I recommend today's NY Times (almost all of them), especially this one (scary), and this one (also a little scary), and this one (cool and amusing). That last one has this paragraph:

The problem of familiarity and perspective is one barrier that keeps some people from grasping the truth of evolution. The more you confront the diversity of life forms in existence - all the ways of getting a living on this planet - the easier it is to grasp the malleability of life itself under the pressure of natural selection. Then something like Dakosaurus comes along, reminding us that the record of all the life forms on this planet is far from complete, and far stranger than we could ever have guessed. We would be at an utter loss to make sense of this diversity, of all the ways life presents itself, without the theory of evolution to explain it.


And in case I don't get back on here tomorrow, Happy Birthday, tiirz!

Not to mention Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

And because they're nifty: