November 18th, 2005

Halloween Cat


I expect I didn't score very high because I'm not at all a science geek:

I am nerdier than 72% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

The science questions left me either staring blankly or guessing wildly. Sadly, my nerdiness lies in English. Show me a list of things with commas out of place or ask how to use a hyphen properly and I'll all over it!

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I hate it when I find empty CD cases and have no clue where the CD is. This goes along with having the CD, but being unable to find the case (I like that conundrum better, somehow). In the former case, it's Billy Joel's Turnstiles, which is probably his second-best ever, and I really need to find it.

Two reviews coming up. As Dale Watson sings, "Rock-n-roll back in the 70's are country hits today." So it is, what I'm reviewing is Poco, Bareback at Big Sky. Poco is good, but it's 70's rock, not country. Although admittedly they're WAY more country than Kenny Chesney. The other one is a working Montana cowboy who cuts records. Good songs, but he sings like, well, a working cowboy (although many working cowboys I've heard can really sing, like Chris LeDoux and Andy Hersey, so it's not a good analogy...).


Listening to Johnny Cash. Why does Lori Piestewa, an Indian woman who died driving a truck, get a mountain named after her, while no one remembers Ira Hayes, an Indian man who actually helped raise the flag at Iwo Jima? (Just something that's been bothering me for some while...)