November 17th, 2005

Halloween Cat


I am baking a pecan pie for our office Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. When I make pecan pie, it's not just a few pecans swimming on top of karo syrup, it's pecans clear through. But I made flaky pie crust instead of the heavier Italian-style sweet crust, and one thing I can't do in the kitchen is make flaky pie crust, so rahirah kindly assisted in the rolling and lifting into the deep-dish pan.

If anyone feels like spending $100 on me for Christmas, this is what I need:

Hello from Videoranch;

Michael Nesmith’s new album “Rays” will be out commercially on CD in April of 2006. It will be available at the music sites sometime after the first of the year.

A special Limited Edition run of 100 CDs will be available beginning November 28th, 2005 only at Videoranch. They will each be signed and numbered by Nez.

Each Limited Edition Rays CD package will include:
A CD that is signed and numbered by Nez
Unique Jewel Case and CD Artwork by Michael Nesmith
Display case to display your signed CD on a desk or table.
An 8 1/2" by 11" print of the Drew Friedman album cover art that will be on the commercial copy of the CD that's coming out in April
Certificate of Authenticity
The price for the Limited Edition will be $100.00

We will have photos of the entire package plus samples of the songs up at very soon. For more information and to reserve a copy, please contact us at or call 1-866-727-2639.
The Videoranch Foreman

Seriously. I need it. NEED.
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