November 10th, 2005

Halloween Cat


I should be in bed, but I'm not.

I realized I'm sort of doing an anti-Nanomo because I'm trying to REMOVE some 50,000 words from my novel. I'm finding I can remove many of them simply by finding all the gosh-darned times I repeat a word in the same paragraph (even after at last two read-throughs).

I ::heart:: my iPod.

I made lovely pumpkin gingerbread this evening for our birthday lunch tomorrow. The batter was most yummy.

The only problem I'm having with Firefox is the text size does not remain constant. My friends' page looks like the Large Print edition. Otherwise, all computer problems appear to be solved {knock wood}. From what my webmistress at About tells me, apparently many other people were having problems with the "piracy protect" software on the new Rodney Crowell disc (which I blame for most, if not all, of the recent computer troubles) -- there's an article in the newest Billboard with information on how to remove the program from one's drive.

Dang it, I had an actual journal topic idea to write about and now I can't remember a thing about it. I even remember at the end of the thought I said to myself, "better do it tomorrow morning, since we're getting ready for bed." But I did not go to bed, I started doing other things, and now I'm still awake, updating journal, and can't remember what I'd been thinking about. I can't even remember the general topic -- politics, vampires, whatever. {sigh} This is what causes me to go into another room and say, "what did I come in here for?" then go back, sit down, and wonder, "Why don't I have a soda?"
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