November 8th, 2005

Halloween Cat


I'm catching up on several days' worth of NY Times articles (and still bemoaning the fact I can't read Dowd, Rich, Herbert, or the rest), and found a couple I really enjoyed, particularly this one, where it shows that the marvelous little critter of the deserts has slowly and sneakily become the country's most widespread and successful predator. Probably any Chicagoans who see one assume it's a stray dog.

Also read up on plays I can't go see, and found this review, which leaves me wondering why the director did not cast Nathan Lane as Felix and Matthew Broderick as Oscar. It seems to me an obvious casting choice; Lane is an extremely obvious Felix, no wonder he has to stretch to play Oscar. It's not like Oscar is an extension of Max Bialystock (his character in The Producers); and while it's been many years since I've actually seen Broderick IN anything since he's been largely on Broadway, I think he'd make a much more credible Oscar and he would a Felix. I am glad they're bringing The Producers to the big screen so I'll get to see them in it (finally); I just wish they'd start producing Broadway shows for DVD the way they used to for video. I'd never have seen some of my favorite shows of the last twenty years if they hadn't (mostly Sondheim musicals, although there's one or two straight plays and the various Gilbert & Sullivan productions that made it to home video). In fact, I'm often surprised Disney hasn't done just that--it seems to me putting Beauty & The Beast and The Lion King on DVD is a given. I've missed every touring company that's come through Phoenix because of a) bad publicity initially (I never hear a show is coming until it's already here), and b) horrendously expensive ticket prices. The Les Miserables in Concert DVD release was not the play, just the actors standing at a mike singing their roles. Nice, but I can get the same effect listening to the CD.

I stil have a few more days' of articles to read. I won't get on the "look at the monkey!" tax cuts for the rich and the rest of the BS happening in the country... (too stressful!) But now it's time for work.

We do not get Veteran's Day off. Phoo.