November 7th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Modern Technology

We love computers, right? That's why we spend all our time on them.

Okay, the new hard drive is up, yay. It does what it's supposed to do, yay. WordPerfect will not run. Boo. Figured out the minor problem with the sound (the drivers had not all been installed), so that's okay. I got my iPod working, yay. Had fun playing with it all day. I need to rip a few more discs and update my library. iTunes is fun! The monitor, on the other hand, has stopped flicking the color off and on, and now will never go on, so I have a sort of muddy, ugly display. I need a new monitor. After buying a hard drive. =HEAVY SIGH= Computers. The worst thing is, I want to write -- and soon I'll NEED to write, because I have a review due on Friday (however, annoying as it may be, I can do reviews in a pinch on EditPad, which is a step above NotePad but it's not really a word processing program).

They say it may rain this week. That would be nice. It was actually quite cold this morning (I don't wanna hear it... it was cold FOR ME, although I suppose it really wasn't much below 65); I guess it's about time to break out the jackets (yeah, yeah, yeah).

The time of year is coming. Today came all the information about all the Thanksgiving dinners we're having (the company-wide one, and the Department one), and there will likely be goodie days, as well. Then our supervisor announced we'd have a new Unit portrait done in January, to which Amanda said, "But we'll all be fat in January!" LOL! She's my favorite person in the unit. She has a brain and everything. Of course, I really couldn't console her when she was bemoaning the fact her boyfriend and his buddies can't think about "anything but D&D!" I was kinda on his side...

Saturday morning I nearly sliced my fingertip off while slicing a bagel. Sigh. Teach me to do such things without my glasses and in a great hurry. So I'm wearing a big bulky bandage because we don't have any fingertip Band-Aids; it makes typing occasionally interesting, but I seem to be doing pretty well despite hitting "f" and "g" or "g" and "h" at the same time.

Now I have to try and re-install Power DVD. I really don't think PDVD was the reason the other drive crashed, considering all the files on that drive are fine. I think it was XP, which I'd been having minor problems with practically since we got the computer. I had, however, gotten used to the look (as well as a few features) of XP, that I'm going to miss. (I want to write.)

That All-American favorite, Leftover Casserole, is in the oven. Hopefully it comes out good.
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