November 3rd, 2005

Halloween Cat

Murder at Midnight

Night before last I was awakened by the most horrible screams of pain going on outside. I believe the victim was small and feathered; the perpetrator had four paws and whiskers. It was a terrible thing to listen to, the screeching.

Last night I went to see Mighty Merle Haggard, who, at 68, is sounding pretty awesome. He does a pretty short set, though, and doesn't do encores. And he didn't do Mama Tried. But he was in fantastic voice. I've decided I'm never ordering tickets from the Celebrity's online site again -- I chose a seat pretty much exactly where I usually sit: the front row third seat in section(s) A7/A6, which is usually empty because most people buy tickets in pairs. But what I GOT was row 13, fortunately on the aisle. I suppose it's a good thing to occasionally get back that far, because while, yes, every seat in the Celebrity is a great seat for VIEWING, I found that the seats in the back are crammed in very tightly so there's no leg room at all (and I really don't think my legs are all that long), and it never, EVER fails that someone twice my size sits in front of me (guy was just as tall as me sitting one tier down, so I had to lean into the aisle all night to see). From now on, I drive over to the box office (it's a few blocks away) and buy my seat face-to-face where I can say, "That one," and not be badly surprised the night of the show. I was happy to find out that the Celebrity hasn't changed its picture-taking policy, it must have been John Hiatt's "no pictures" decree at that show which required me to actually return my camera to the car before entering. Of course, from row 13 I don't think I got very good pictures, and I didn't take very many. Plus, it must have been 40 degrees in there. Guys?!? It's November! Turn off the air conditioning already!!!

I woke up a lot during the night. I feel strange and light-headed this morning. I sure wish this allergy/sinus thing would go away.

My brand-new, spiffy, wonderful 4-gig iPod mini will not talk to my computer because my computer is so old its USB ports (all six of them) are too slow. WAH!!! And we specifically bought it because rahirah said that many ports was a very good thing (to date I've used one), and of course the price was right. It's still a very good machine, little problems notwithstanding; the 60-gig drive is less than half full, even with so much of my music library on it.

I do remain amused that a 4-gig drive is in a machine about the size of a pack of gum (the 40-stick size). I remember an old, old 5-MEG drive that was this huge, heavy box that took up half the machine, and was an amazing jump from my very first computer, a 64-K dual-drive 5-inch floppy (which set my folks back over 2 grand, but they justified it was for college)... Ah, geek memories.

Anyway, I have to go get a new port to replace some of these old ones and then load some music into my iPod, which will hold approximately a day's worth of music. I love it! (Maybe I should have sprung for the 40-gig iPod... then I could just load my entire music library, which, according to iTunes, is currently almost 3,000 songs, and 6.5 days' worth of listening...)

Was pleased upon checking out the Buy Blue list that I already patronize many of the top Blue donators. It's a good comprehensive list of who gives what to whom; and I like the fact that it's not a "boycott THEM!" sort of thing, just a head's up to let consumers know where some of their money is going. Kewl.

[Edited: The hyperlink to Buy Blue doesn't seem to be working... So here it is: ]