October 27th, 2005

Halloween Cat


I just noticed I haven't posted in a week. While I'm certain no one misses my amazing gems of inspired thought, I figure I'm paying for a journal for a reason, and I should occasionally update it on my daily life.

There's a line in a Robbie Fulks song which goes, "Got a third-story walk-up with a view of the alley/ a mailroom job that isn't all glamour and fun." A mailroom job can be a lot of things, indeed, but glamour and fun it's not. After nearly four weeks of steadily being behind and working mucho overtime, my unit FINALLY got caught up last Friday. We fell behind a little on Monday when we received enough mail to make me really fear the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but when I left the office Wednesday, my desk was clean and all was well. I'm off today and tomorrow, and I hope it'll still be clean when I get back on Monday. The excess work wore me out, but tomorrow's paycheck kinda really makes up for it.

I took today and tomorrow off about a month ago, when I wasn't sure if I'd get to the Dwight Yoakam concert tonight or not. At this point, it appears not. I really don't want to pay $95 for a parking lot show, and no guaranteed seats (festival seating by section; front section $95, middle section $65, rear section $45--in the PARKING LOT). I did spring for Merle Haggard tickets, but that's next week, at the Celebrity, a front-row seat guaranteed, and only cost $50. Sorry, Dwight, I love you, but I really don't think you should be commanding ticket prices like that. I love the Stones, too, but I ain't gonna shell out $300 to see 'em.

Anyway, Dave Insley is back in town this week, so Friday night I'll be off to the Tap Room for another fun night, and then I have to decide if I want to head up to Cave Creek Saturday night for the amazing Moot Davis (with his equally amazing lead guitarist, Pete Anderson). I've never been to the Cave Creek Coffee Club, so I'd have to find it. We'll see how Saturday goes, since we're planning on spending the day out at the Schnepf Farms pun'kin patch & general Halloween celebration, which I've always wanted to go out and see but somehow we never have. But that's in Queen Creek, which is on the exact opposite side of Phoenix as Cave Creek.

Last Sunday morning I woke up with a killer sinus headache, and went out to find sinus medicine. I rarely venture out early on Sundays, and discovered the Osco doesn't open until 9 am. Walgreens, too, but I arrived there just before nine, so I waited, and found that, due to the new "punish-the-innocent" anti-meth laws, you can't BUY sinus medication at Walgreens when the pharmacy is closed. I had to drive all the way to Safeway, where they also keep the psuedoephedrine behind the counter, but you ask for it at the checkout stand rather than the pharmacy (rather like cigarettes), so I was able to get my medicine and survive the day. I was glad of having it, too, since the headache was even worse on Monday night, waking me out of a sound sleep at one in the morning. However, driving around on Sunday morning enabled me to see three more ravens, out flying around over the Camelback Corridor. Yet another reason to build more high rises there, as high-rise buildings attract birds of prey.

Today I meant to get up early (rahirah forgot I was off today and woke me, worried, at 7, thinking I was late for work), but apparently my body was glad of the time off, and I fell back to sleep on our lovely new memory-foam mattress topper and didn't wake up again until 11. I went and got my truck washed, then had a grease & oil change and tire check/rotation, shopped at Dollar Tree (which appears to be a dollar store much like Pic & Save/McFrugals/Big Lots used to be), had lunch, then came home and fixed the carport shade with wire, which I hope will hold up better in the Arizona sun than the plastic ties have done. While I was out there, I heard a big kerfluffle in the back. Sam (our dog) let out a startled, pain-filled yelp. In panic, I rushed to the fence in time to see a blur as Sam chased something out of the back yard, and I thought about the cats we have hanging around. Something rustled in the orange tree and I realized it was the Little Girl (Dusty's girlfriend), and I couldn't coax her to come down for some while. She didn't appear hurt, and neither did Sam, but from the yelp I'd guess before she decamped the back yard in fear she did get at least one clawed swipe in.

I then cleaned the washing machine (why is it that machines which clean other things get so dirty themselves?), which is a gruesome job, and finished up a few other minor things. Tomorrow I'll see about getting the living room tidy, and write the four reviews I have due (yes, FOUR). I have to do the re-issue of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Acoustic," the re-issue of Rosanne Cash's "Interiors," Bobby Bare's brand-new "The Moon Was Blue," and the new collection "The Legend of Johnny Cash."

I'm almost finished with what I will consider a "final" draft of my novel, at least until a professional editor gets through with it. Whew.

And that has been, more or less, my week.
Halloween Cat

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