October 12th, 2005

Halloween Cat


I'm still working overtime, plus I have a cold. Ordinarily I'd allow myself to stop working, but with the crush at work I have this annoying sense of "I must Do My Duty!" which is pressing me onward-- that and with Judy out on sick leave and Erma on vacation, I'm actually needed. I actually like that feeling. I do feel better today than yesterday; night before last I tossed and turned all night (keeping rahirah awake), and took enough Nyquil that I'm sure I was over the legal limit for alcohol by the time I drove to work. At some point yesterday afternoon I know I was hallucinating, but it was at least coherent (I knew I was seeing things). Unfortunately, like the dream world where I go when I faint, it's completely indescribable. In many ways it was better to be sitting up than laying down. The only tough part is the driving.

I don't know why I've been sick so often the last couple of years. It seems like I'm down with something all the danged time, and I don't like it. This one at least has some concrete symptoms, like a hella sore throat yesterday (which has mellowed out and I can swallow now without pain) and a complete loss of taste buds (chocolate-meh).

I want the stupid baseball season to end. My D-backs and the Cubs are both out, so what's the point? All it's doing is pre-empting the shows I like to watch. I understand now why FOX had been holding its shows until November before starting the season -- it's annoying to get two or three shows in and have to be put on hold until the World Series is over. At least the Braves and the Yankees have both been eliminated.
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