October 3rd, 2005

Halloween Cat

Bob Loblaw

It seems the funniest night on television now is Monday. The last three weeks of Arrested Development have had me rolling on the floor; Kitchen Confidential is shaping up nicely, and Two & A Half Men is still chugging along very well. Without Scrubs on the air these appear to be the only sitcoms I still watch, other than The Simpsons and King of the Hill; which have already cycled to repeats due to the end of the baseball season.

I have to get down to Tombstone again sometime. My favorite Tombstone t-shirts are starting to develop holes in them.

We're going to be working overtime the rest of the week. Our stand-in supervisor is going to try two extra hours a day instead of a Saturday. We shall see how this works. The extra hour I worked today shot past very quickly, I must say.
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