October 1st, 2005

Halloween Cat


There is a turkey swimming in brine in the kitchen, and shortly it will be moved into the oven to roast. Why a turkey so early? Well, we always purchase two during the Thanksgiving sales, and that one was still in the deep freeze from then and I thought, "Why the hell not?"

This likely means we won't get to see Serenity today, which we'd talked about, because roasting a turkey is a commitment. Dang. Admittedly, I'm the most anxious of our little threesome to see it, but then, I'm the Westerns fan. I can't help myself, I always make excuses for all the problems rahirah and sillymagpie keep pointing out. Anyway, hopefully sometime soon.

This week was all kinds of business. I won't say it was horrible, because it actually made for some seriously fast days and I got a lot of work done, but I never had a moment all week. On Monday, our lead worker (who had some vacation days scheduled anyway) had a family emergency and was out for the whole week, so I was granted at least half her job. I was already doing the extra work left by the second lead worker, who is out on extended medical leave, so basically I became both Maria and Judy as well as myself (fortunately, Erma was also there to take halfsies on these tasks). This meant answering a lot of questions, handling outgoing mail as well as incoming mail, and a few other things. I swear, I got to work on Monday and BANG, it was time to go home.

Then after a whole week rather like that, where I was basically running around pretty constantly, we hit a Friday where, due to several things, we ended up with five people out. ANOTHER crew member is going on extended medical leave next week, and then our supervisor announced he'd been tapped for Cat duty (that's "catastrophe" in Insurance Speak) for the hurricanes and he would be shipped off to Texas for a month, so we have a temporary supervisor coming in Monday, as well as some more temps to hopefully get us through the next few months while Judy and Pat are off, and if all goes well, two actual new hires before the end of October. Whew!

During the week I watched one of the funniest episodes of Arrested Development evah; a good episode of House; the season premiere of Boston Legal (the cello testimony stretched it a bit); another confusing episode of Lost (didn't it end in the exact same place the week before did?); several episodes of Firefly on DVD; and last night instead of TV we went out for Mexican food because I came all over with a Wild Craving. Then I headed out to Tempe for another terrific Dave Insley show. Dave gave me one of his playbooks so now I have not only his September set list, but the chords to a number of his songs, so maybe I can learn to play them. He always does a good show. New guitar player--fellow named Josh Davis was standing in for Scotty Spenner. Sounds like Josh is a lead man normally (he has a disc coming out in January), and he and Dave are buddies. I didn't ask where Scotty was. Josh had some really good licks. Nice style. And OH, the guys who opened for them! The Vaquetones hail out of Los Angeles/Orange County and they play some hot rockabilly. Their lead guitarist plays the prettiest black Gretsch I've ever seen. I was suffering severe guitar envy (and the music it made in skilled hands was phenomenal). The Yucca Tap Room has done some sound improvements, anyway, so everything sounded pretty good. Did a little dancing, had a grand time. Sat for a little while after the show chatting with Josh, Dave, and Dave's wife, Brenda.

Woke up WAY too early this morning, considering I got home at 2:30 in the morning. I went out to feed the porch cat and sat with him for a while. It's very nice out there today. Nice blue sky, a little breeze (which we needed for the stagnant air we've had all week), cool and pleasant. Hooray for the coming winter. I may soon be able to wear my long-sleeved shirts.

Without my daily Op-Ed Columnists I'm missing out on my usual rants. I was most upset to see not only do I have to pass up on Dowd, Krugman, and Herbert, but Frank Rich counts, too. Sigh. Oh, well. Fewer political rants, I suppose.

I'm considering spending my Christmas Club money on myself (a laptop) instead of on gifts. Is this evil?