September 19th, 2005

Halloween Cat


Dagnabbit!!! I suppose it was simply too good to last. The NY Times has added a "feature" to their online newspaper, and now the Op-Ed Columnists ain't free no more. I went to read Paul Krugman and Bob Herbert today and found them hidden behind something called "Times Select." {heavy sigh} The Op-Ed tended to be what I'd most regularly read. I can't afford squat.

It's in the early morning like this when I'm tired and apparently vulnerable that such things can and do make me feel rotten crappy for the rest of the day, and I am extraordinarily tired. I hope we don't have to work overtime again next weekend. The extra money is good; the lack of sleep is becoming bad. Of course, part of that is my own fault for staying up to see the end of the Emmys. Not like I couldn't have predicted Raymond would beat out the good shows, but I was rather pleased to see Lost take Best Drama (and earlier in the show I was very happy to see my two favorite TV doctors--Zach Braff & Hugh Laurie--present together). Not to mention hearing Bill Shatner do the "Space--the final frontier" speech again.

Stupid NY Times.
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