September 8th, 2005

Halloween Cat


This is an amazing article.

I have to work Saturday. I had predicted it when I got back on Tuesday, so I wasn't surprised. At least it's only the morning, but that does make the weekend so VERY short. But I needs the money! I way overspent in Albuquerque, so I'm busted.

I have two reviews due on Friday plus something for my other site, which means another article (I'm dry) or an expanded review (which is most likely). I started working on polish and ended up almost completely re-writing Della's first scene to bring out her character more; I know her, but I'm not conveying her as well as I'd like. I'm actually pretty content with Sean Patrick's first scene.

I bought gas at $3.19 Tuesday, and it was $3.09 yesterday morning. Of course.
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