September 6th, 2005

Halloween Cat


If a cat wants something broken, they WILL break it. It doesn't matter where you put it, or how you protect it, they WILL break it.

Yesterday I found the top of a reproduction depression glass cheese bowl laying behind the microwave, and the bottom was, unscathed, on the floor. I'd been keeping it on the kitchen windowsill, and this was like the third time it had been knocked off. I figured I was pressing my luck leaving it there, three times and all, so I moved it over in preparations for moving to a new, safe location.

I came home today to find the lid shattered all over the kitchen floor. Ah, well. As Maude said, "don't get attached to things!"

I had meant to wax poetic about the mainstream country radio stations in Albuquerque. They were what country stations used to be like here in Arizona -- while I was there, amidst the McGraws and Straits and Jacksons as usual played, I also heard George Jones, Conway Twitty, Hank Williams (Sr. and Jr.), Gary Stewart, David Ball, and Ronnie Milsap; and that was only listening while driving, mostly. The station I got in the truck, 105.1, "The Range," was so awesome I wanted to move to Albuquerque just to have that station on my own truck's radio. A LOCAL station that still plays actual country music. It is to die for. Of course, Albuquerque (as well as the rest of New Mexico) still retains pride in its background and roots.

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I am buried in work at work. There were two days of mail sitting on my desk when I got there this morning (9/1 and 9/2), and two more days landed when today's were delivered, because of the holiday. I managed to finish 9/1, at least. At home there's a bunch of stuff I WANT to do, and need to find the time, like taking a serious crack at Final Draft. What I need to do is actually schedule myself writing time and stick to it. They put together a new way of keeping track of our absences on our intra-net, and I found out I actually still have 16 days of vacation (I guess I'd carried over more than I thought from last year), I could theoretically take some of that time and do it. What I WANT to do is go camping--real camping, sorry sillymagpie--which means going out into the deep woods on some lonely logging road, pitching a tent, and listening to nothing but the wind in the pines for a few days. We haven't gone camping since the drought started, some seven years ago, and I miss my mountains. It was another one of the things I loved about Albuquerque. Mountains!
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