September 2nd, 2005

Halloween Cat


Here I am in rainy Albuquerque. Flight was completely uneventful; very standard stuff. Didn't even take too long to get through security, although I'd deliberately worn flip-flops to assure the shoe problem would not bother me. Everything stuffed in tote bag, and I was good to go. I hope x-raying my camera didn't hurt the film.

I saw another raven this morning, he let loose a "rawk!" as I was mowing the back yard and I looked up as he jumped off the roof of the office building down the block and gracefully spread his wings and soared away. This time, since it was 9:30 in the morning, I was not at all uncertain of what it was--definitely, positively a raven. They seem to like the top of that building, and I wonder if they have a little rookery there, since they seem to appear in the early mornings. I ought to sit out in the evenings and see if I can see them coming "home." I am going to take these ravens as good signs of wonderful portent, because good things seem to have been happening since I first saw the original grouping (parliament?) waybackwhen (July 15, when I saw seven ravens--seven days later, I got the word I was a finalist in this contest. Weird, eh?).

rahirah is sleeping and I have commandeered the laptop. It's a cool thing, but the inset keyboard is kinda weird to get used to. Especially the space bar.

We had a late dinner in a little diner-looking New Mexican Mexican place (New Mexican Mexican is a distinct food experience very much all its own, and extremely yummy), so sillymagpie, we've had sopapillas. I had a stuffed one with shredded chicken and green chilies for dinner, and a basket of them with honey of course came with the meal, although rahirah said that Sonoran style carnitas are better than the New Mexican style ones she had tonight.

Anyway, as I was saying, the flight was uneventful, and in fact much shorter than I even expected it to be. We barely got in the air before we were landing, it seemed like.

Oh, sillymagpie? When you stop by the house tomorrow, could you reach in the freezer and take out the by-now-frozen-solid bottle of water I'd stuck up there to get cold for the trip? I forgot it. Since it's just water, I don't expect it's burst or anything, and if it's not cracked or anything, just stick it in the fridge. T'anks. :)

Now I think I'll sleep, too. Tomorrow!
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