September 1st, 2005

Halloween Cat


Okay, this one is pretty scary. The link came from the current I Think This from D.C. Simpson -- the cartoon today isn't as good as some, but his article is pretty searing. I couldn't help but feel much the same way watching a fly-over of the disaster by a president riding in a richly comfortable 747, while thousands of, theoretically, HIS people just below him suffered; but Simpson kinda says it a lot better than I was gonna--especially since he has facts and figures I only had some vague ideas about.

I can't blame Bush for the hurricane, just for his reaction to it.

They said today on the radio that the pictures we're seeing of New Orleans are really showing the worst of it; that there are some places in the city which are pretty dry now, which is nice to hear. Today I made the meager donation I could through work, as my company is matching all donations dollar-for-dollar, so at least I know I gave twice as much that way. For all my troubles and gripes and problems, at least I have a home and those I love are safe and comfortable. I can't even conceive of the suffering I've seen in the faces of those folks down there, from New Orleans through all the little towns to Biloxi and everywhere else hit so hard by this.

Two days.
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