August 31st, 2005

Halloween Cat


Important tip for bakers: When using extracts which may be of iffy age, smell them first before putting them into the batter. I casually poured in lemon extract I've had for a while (I do keep them in the fridge) and then the sharp smell of, well, alcohol or liniment or something really nasty (not lemony) hit me. It destroyed the cake mix, the eggs, the oil, and the butter which was already in the mix. {sigh} I dumped it all out and started over. Fortunately, I had another cake mix.

My heart is aching for the folks in New Orleans and the surrounding area. I can't believe the devastation. Fires and floods, famine and plague. Maybe the rapture will come and take them away (okay, that's a little light-hearted, but... well...)

It occasionally burns me up to listen to what "Christians" say and watch what they do. My latest "tear-my-hair-out" issue is of course "intelligent design." The spin doctors who handle the far right amaze me. If they can't get support for some crackpot idea one way, they'll repackage the exact same thing and somehow amazingly get people to support it. "It's not creationism, it's intelligent design! Nobody said anything about God, but of course there had to be a designer..." I'd like to talk seriously to some of these people and see if there's any way in hell I could understand what makes them tick, but I'm afraid that kind of blind-stupid idiocy just irritates me so much I don't know how coherent I'd be. I believe in the deity, but I also don't believe that the Almighty, Everlasting, Infinite God can be confined to, or described by, a book which was written by men. Perhaps divinely inspired men, but men nonetheless, and men whose ideas were formed by the limited knowledge they had of the earth they lived on.

To those who go for that "intelligent design" thing? I say one thing: Platypus.

The whole point is that science requires proof, while religion is based on faith. And anyone whose faith needs "proof," well, that's not really faith, then, is it? They demand solid proof of every moment in the evolutionary record to accept that evolution is real, yet provide no proof whatsoever of their "intelligent designer." I suppose that's faith. But you can't deny the basic, solid evidence provided by scientific evidence. Any "ology" you want to point to can prove their theories through experimentation, and yes, even evolution. Evolution has been observed in insects, who have short lives and evolve quickly to adapt to their circumstances.

Anyway... I have two reviews to do on Friday and then we fly to Albuquerque. So, um, three more days (more or less).

I actually feel pretty good, ranting and raving to the contrary. :)
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