August 24th, 2005

Halloween Cat


So, rahirah has been in Denver since Monday, and I've taken the opportunity of the empty house to get some things cleaned up. This place is unbelievably packed with things, but I'm TRYING to be brutal. I packed up some things, tossed others in a Goodwill box, and rearranged yet others. I'm not being nearly as brutal as I ought to be. Still, some rearranging has been good for the place, and I finally moved all of my Great-Aunt Grace's slides and photos out of the old cardboard shoebox into a nice, clean, plastic box.

I have to do a few other things, but I feel somewhat accomplished. I haven't written anything in two days, though. I need to sit down and organize my thoughts, now. That's MUCH harder than cleaning a closet.

Monday night I couldn't sleep alone and woke up a lot, but on Tuesday I was used to the empty bed and slept like a stone. About the only thing that's really nice about living alone is I don't have to turn the alarm off immediately and can leave the radio on while I'm puttering around getting ready for work. {grin}
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Halloween Cat


Apparently my new Ren & Stimpy CDs are copyright protected, 'cause I can't get them to play on my computer. Bother. I wanted to make icons, dang it. I was PINING for icons!

It's late and I should be in bed. Double dang.
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