August 15th, 2005

Halloween Cat


I kept waking up all last night, with all kinds of dreams disturbing me. I wish I could remember dreams longer than a few minutes after I wake up. I know they've been bothering the back of my mind all day long.

Okay, I have promised some articles to some people, and I HAVE to get them done:

1) Short review of The Mirage
2) Short review of "Jubilee!" at Bally's
3) Short review of Danny Gans' performance at The Mirage
4) Article on anti-piracy software installed on discs
5) Article on character-driven stories

I can do it. Not that I'm a major procrastinator or anything (it's been, what, three weeks now since I got back from Vegas? Gah).

My hair is taxing me. It's gotten very long again and I shed like a cat, so I constantly have these long hairs sticking to my shirt and my chair and what-have-you, teasing-tickling my arms and I can't find the offending hair to get rid of it. Sooner or later I will have to spring for a good haircut. Apparently I was serious when I said no one but Rick would ever cut my hair again (because when I can't afford Rick, I don't get it cut).

Other things I must get done:

Burn some CDs for Mom;
Get copies of pictures made;
MAIL PACKAGE TO nutmeg3, who has been very patient with me...
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