August 14th, 2005

Halloween Cat


A couple of days ago typographer mentioned a soup that included chopping potatoes, and this inspired me to go take care of the last potatoes in the bag we'd bought a while back. What I came up with was this:

Five small potatoes, chopped
One sweet onion, chopped
Two cans chicken broth
One can coconut milk, well shaken
About two teaspoons Old Bay seasoning
A pinch of Kosher salt
A teaspoon or so of black pepper

Boil all ingredients until potatoes and onions are soft, then puree with stick blender (I left the peels on the potatoes, so chunks were left). Add garlic, either a few cloves fresh or garlic powder (which I used, about a teaspoon or so), and a package or two of lobster balls (purchased at a Chinese supermarket). Simmer until done.

Nummy soup. :)

I had meant to do some writing here, but I feel only minor inspiration. Perhaps I can get into the swing after I finish this post. Obviously, I'm still not doing the things I'm supposed to be doing.

It was terribly sticky today, but it's cooled down remarkably (and when it's this cool in August in Phoenix, that IS remarkable). Moved all the last of the boxes into the shed, and it seems that sillymagpie is finally all moved in. I hooked up her TV, DVD player, and VCR, but it's weird, I tell you, WEIRD to hook them up together without a cable box. I have to figure out why the video isn't going in properly. We'll have to get a proper antenna, for sure, and figure out what connections will work to allow the audio AND video of both the players to go into the TV without having to change the video cable every time. I know it can be done.

Perhaps a shower, first, and then I might write. If I don't fall asleep.
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