August 13th, 2005

Halloween Cat

War & Peace

Watched Peacekeeper Wars. Am now finished with Farscape saga.


I already miss it. I sure am glad I didn't have to wait more than a day for Peacekeeper Wars.

Also have The Muppet Show season one now. Hee! Happy, happy dance. It's nice to see the old shows with the original first season opening credits back in place. Of course, looking at the guest list tells me a lot of my favorite shows must have been later seasons; no Liberace, no Elton John, no John Denver, no Mark Hamill... the one problem with buying old shows on DVD as they come out is waiting for the next season to be available. Couple weeks ago we watched season one of Night Court, and that's one that really started swinging in season two. I still need to get seasons two and three of Soap. And now, of course, I have to OWN Farscape. Insidious.

I am miles behind on everything, including things like Flists and getting things done for people that I've promised things to. I will get all done, I promise.

Got my pictures back today. Yay, pictures of the tigers at the Mirage came out pretty well! I should have them scanned in the next few days; then I can burn a new CD and take 'em to make copies for Mom. I owe many mailed packages.

I'm very tired for a Saturday night. I think I should sleep now. Tomorrow I have many, many things to do, and I would still like to get some writing done. Yesterday my computer did a nosedive on me and thankfully my in-house techie lovely partner managed to fix it for me. Whew! I'm such a whiney baby when things don't go my way... I don't know how she puts up with me.
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