August 10th, 2005

Halloween Cat


More Ravens today. There were three sitting on their perch atop the office building this morning. I saw one rise and fly off -- no flapping, just soaring -- and by the time I'd run in to grab my camera the other two were gone. No trace of where they go to. I walked down the block and looked around, checked other birds who sat up on the building.

(Comparison: sparrow -- grackle -- raven.)

I cheered yesterday morning when I heard about the Discovery landing, out loud, in my car, with the windows down, in the middle of our street. I doubt, though, I disturbed anyone, since all the houses on our block are old cinderblock houses and from my experience living in one, it takes a rather sizeable explosion to be heard inside the walls, especially with the air conditioning on.

It's been cooler, highs in the mid-80's to low 90's, which is unheardof in August, but as noted in this article, it's been a trifle humid (the other day coming home it was 75%). Now THIS is a proper Arizona monsoon season. Very sticky. Lots of rain. Although, truth to tell, even when I was little the monsoon rains never lasted all day like this. It's been more like winter rains. When I was little, a monsoon storm could whip up out of nowhere, drop a half-an-inch of rain in ten minutes, and then be gone to leave very clear, very hot skies. But I ain't complainin' about the "cool" weather. I was thinking about how nice and cool it was coming home this afternoon and the announcer at NPR said it was 93 degrees, with 64% humidity, or something like that.


I have a pot of blackeyed peas with salt pork in the crock pot, and that will be served with skillet corn bread, and then I'm going to cobble up chocolate croissants for dessert, as we're celebrating sillymagpie's upcoming employment! Yay!
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