August 7th, 2005

Halloween Cat


Well, here it is another Sunday over with. Working on Saturday really crimps the weekend.

rahirah has a laptop. I myself am deeply envious. It's very pretty.

I did very little of any use this weekend. I helped sillymagpie set up her DVD player, but we couldn't find the connection cable for the VCR. I got a nasty blister in the center of my palm (stigmata, even) using a crappy old screwdriver to put together the new cart to hold said electronics. I've gotten used to an ergonomic racket screwdriver.

Today was grocery shopping and Baldur's Gate, which we may someday finish. Now Cairo is sitting beside me on the mousepad and watching The Simpsons with me. (Spider poison is people poison?!?)

I joined the craze and Googled my name. Here are some of my favorites:

kathy is toast
kathy is best known for her amazing stevie nicks impression
kathy is beginning to grate on buffy in a serious way
kathy is a certified sexologist with many years experience nursing in primary care
kathy is available for freelance writing on crafts
kathy is joined by fellow former folk singer suzy bogguss
kathy is a grownup now

Ha, I say. Ha!

Gad, I'm bored. (See: --it must have been the second strip in this storyline that has me wanting to see "Auntie Mame" again.)

We watched Blackadder the Third instead of the NetFlix movie that's been sitting there for a week last night--I really like the thought that I can pretty much keep it until we're in the mood to see it without worrying about fees. (It's Sideways, for anyone dying to know.) There won't be anymore FarScape until Wednesday, since we went through Prayer on Friday... there's only four regular episodes left! Wah!
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