August 4th, 2005

Halloween Cat


This has been the longest two days in existence. Getting back to work has been almost as hard as moving all of sillymagpie's books, and then rescuing them after the wind blew the tarp off and Central Phoenix got more rain than it's gotten in about ten years all in one night. Yikes.

I'm anxious about booking flights; Southwest's website is really easy to use, but they demand payment up front so I can't actually book until tomorrow when my paycheck arrives; but I'm deeply terrified of checking back in and finding all the inexpensive flights booked, or something. You can fly REALLY cheaply on Southwest if you fly on Saturday, I've found; two round-trip flights for a total of $214 bucks. Still, it means I'm going to be VERY broke for the next several weeks. Hopefully I win first prize (yeah, right).

When my cat licks me, I ask myself is it because of the salt? Is there something tasty on my skin after dinner? Or is it affection?

I managed to finish my two reviews tonight, although I was thoroughly (is that spelled right? It looks wrong, and I don't feel like digging out the dictionary) uninspired. Good albums, my brain is just exhausted. I'm going through the blahs following the completion of a really good book. I always race through them to find out what happens and then when it's done I feel all bereft because I'm not "hanging" with the characters anymore.

Fiction? Forget it. I opened the file and added a few words toward the end, though.

I want to eat like a pig, but I need to drop the vacation weight before it gets stuck there permanently...

I raced through my Flist, so I didn't read some entries as deeply as I should have. I'm bad to skim. And no memes. I hope I hope I can get caught up on some things this weekend, although they FINALLY approved overtime for us so I'll be working (sigh) Saturday morning. I like to flatter myself that we're three days behind because I was out for a week...
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