July 29th, 2005

Halloween Cat


Ah, I return.

The house is all intact and the cats are all fat and happy and giving me the "Do I know you?" look. These are always good things. It will be nice to sleep in my own little bed (with my own person! :) ) again. The worst thing about hotel beds is the pillows. Both The Mirage and the Golden Nugget have wonderful BEDS, but the pillows just sucked. Some one of these days I will remember to actually bring my own pillow when I travel, but the last time I did that I left it in Albuquerque.

We must have won some money. I know Mom still had a lot when we arrived at home, and I appear to have quite a bit, myself, as well as all the t-shirts, gifts, and other gee-gaws I bought. I LOVE to shop in Vegas! We saw two shows: Danny Gans at the Mirage, and Jubilee! at Bally's.

Gans is a very good comedian. But he is NOT worth the $100 a seat price tag, and I can't help but wonder that the Mirage wasn't completely and totally shafted when Siegfried & Roy were forcefully retired. Their cats, garden, and merchandise still permeate the entire Mirage (and I think I got some lovely shots of two of the tigers in the habitat, if they come out!), but frankly, Gans is no major spectacular headliner.

Jubilee!, on the other hand, was AWESOME. Nude showgirls aside, the singing and dancing was wonderful and the show was indeed a Vegas Spectacular Spectacular.

The pool at the Mirage was splendid and a joy to swim in, and I actually took advantage of the Spa at the Golden Nugget, indulging in a massage and shower, which was very nice and relaxing.

Now I'm in a tizzy because I left my black bag in the trunk of Mom's rental, and she once again neglected to tell me her cell phone number and I don't know where she's staying in Tucson tonight. I don't have a lot left in that bag--the reason I forgot it was I got a new one in Vegas--but my silver half-dollar pocket watch (as well as the Jubilee! souvenir program, alas) is in it, and I definitely want that back. Since both Mom and I overlooked the bag when we were unpacking the trunk (it's black, like the inside of the trunk), I'm doubting she'll notice it when SHE unpacks. So I have to get up EARLY tomorrow and page her at the airport (at least I know her flight times and airline!) and hopefully she can recover it. I would write it off but for my watch, I THINK I got everything else out (well, and the pattern for the crocheted tablecloth I'm making. I'd hate to have to call that one a loss). I suppose one must ALWAYS lose something on a trip, but I hope I can get that bag back.

Otherwise, totally cool vacation. I have a couple of days off now to catch up on stuff, hooray. I'll see if I can catch up with the Flist here over the weekend.
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