July 21st, 2005

Halloween Cat


So. Yesterday morning I'm sitting here innocently and a cat bumps into the scanner and knocks my bottle of Diet Coke over. It splashes on my keyboard. I shriek, grab the bottle, and start to mop up. I think I get everything and the keyboard continues to work, so I don't worry about it.

When I get home from work, I sit down to the computer. I download my email and go to delete some spam. As soon as I hit the shift key, Eudora explodes and the computer re-boots. Brainiac here doesn't figure it out and after the re-boot, tries again, after Eudora rebuilds my mail boxes. Boom, to the second power. Oh, yeah, Diet Coke spill. I pick up the keyboard and there's a puddle of Diet Coke UNDER the keyboard. It's been soaking through all day. Yippee.

So I turn everything off and head for Best Buy, where almost every keyboard now on the shelves is a wireless and run from around $30 to $100 bucks (including spill-proof ones, heh), except this one, which was $21.51 (with tax). It's not bad. I really liked one of the wireless ones, but I'm not that flush this month due to glasses and car registration, so I went for the cheapest one there. It's at least a slick black one, and the keys are reasonably snappy, which is something I always check for.

My Eudora is frelled up, but I think I managed to get everything back into place. (General swearing, fuckity fuck fuck, and all.)

Two nights ago, I woke to find Sam in the front yard, where he does not belong. I put him in the house and went to search for his manner of escape. We narrowed it down to two places -- the fence by the house on the driveway side, or a slight gap in the fence on the other. We can't really figure it out, so out he goes again. The next night, I wake up to hear him barking in the front yard again. I let him back into the house and go back to bed, figuring to deal with it later. This time, however, I find he knocked down the shelves that are behind my truck in the driveway, so that's where he's coming over. Yes, our dog has learned to climb the chain-link fence. {heavy sigh} So last night he spent the night in the house, and this weekend we'll have to figure out a way to keep him IN the back yard, even when there's thunder (which he's terrified of, and apparently believes he can escape by getting into the front yard).

Animals. For some reason I still like 'em.

Off to work, and then my vacation begins. Yippee!
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Halloween Cat


Scary article in sillymagpie's LJ. Interesting article in the Times. I have to get back to Jonathan Strange. I'm still a little behind on my Flist. A lot of people have been saying a lot of stuff.

I'm starving.

Last night I made peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. They were very popular at work today.

I feel down. I think I'll go read.
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