July 18th, 2005

Halloween Cat


I spent every moment I could today reading a kid's book. All I'll say is "wow" right now, although I had to read through all the cut-tagged spoilers now that I've finished it.

I think this may actually come close--CLOSE--to rivaling "Azkaban" in my affections. Not quite as good, but real close. I'm happy with the book, and I'll keep the rest of my emotions quiet for those who haven't read yet.

Arizona is hotter than a hot thing. Read rahirah's journal because it's a very eloquent and poetic description of the weather and its effects on us all. Too many people, new to Arizona, don't know how to cope. I have never really needed air conditioning in my car -- since I've been able to drive (when I was 16), I've used it a couple of times when the car(s) were new and it was a novelty, or when passengers riding with us asked for it, but on the whole... meh. Therefore I am more-or-less acclimatized, although I live within air conditioning inside of buildings (and I find the 83 degrees at my desk to be intolerable when I'm working--it's freezing in the rest of the office, but where I sit, sandwiched between a wall and a gigantic old Kodak high-speed duplex scanner, it feels almost as hot as outdoors).

I am tired now and should sleep. I'm WAY behind on my Flist and everything else I need to do. It will have to wait. Maybe I can get caught up before I go to Vegas next week (whoo hoo!).
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