July 16th, 2005

Halloween Cat


Okay, I'm about four chapters in to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and it's already far better than OotP, and in fact she seems to be back-fixing some of the problems that arose for me in the previous, far-too-hastily finished (IMO) book.

Apparently, however, I haven't read my LJ Flist since, um, Wednesday, and everyone else has been writing like crazy, I'm about four pages behind. Yikes. But the appearance of book means I'll be even further behind, 'cause I can already see others are much further along on book than me, so I have to wait to read those cuts.

Back to FarScape. Oi. This show is frelling wonderful. BTW, I forgot to give a salute to the writers for the character Bialar Crais, who they somehow managed to take from two-dimensional cardboard "villain" and make him noble, heroic, and still so very true to himself that it was heart-wrenching. What an exit.

Okay, they bring on Jool and she's really annoying, and then just as I'm getting to like her, they get rid of her and replace her with someone EVEN MORE ANNOYING. And I really hate disliking characters with red hair.

For some reason.
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