July 6th, 2005

Halloween Cat


Brooks & Dunn's new album is going to be called Hillbilly Deluxe. I'm sure any Dwight fans reading this will recognize that name. It annoys me for some unfathomable reason.

Really good article on marriage, and the deterioration thereof, at the NY Times.

I am TIRED today. Last night it was too damned hot to sleep comfortably and I tossed and turned a lot, but was too tired to get up and do something about it (like some moron). So I've been exhausted and eye-sore all day long, which means I've eaten a great deal more sugar than I should have done. I did get a salad for lunch to help counter this, however. It gave me energy to finish the day.

I'm trying to decide if I should buy Titus seasons 1 & 2, when it comes out next week. It's not expensive, and I LOVED that show, so I probably will.

I neglected to talk about my trip to the eye doctor yesterday. I've been getting blurrier and blurrier, so I figured it was time for new glasses, and was informed when I arrived that it has, indeed, been five years since I got these ones. Dr. Ryan, the usual optician, was not in, and instead it was a nifty fellow named Dr. Hopper, who appeared to be a misplaced deep south delta bluesman, who talked a steady stream to either me or himself (hard to tell which), with lots of "fix de eyes for de lady" and "gets de lady to see" sorts of things. He moved as languidly as he spoke, but he was REALLY sharp and got my sight much clearer than I think it's ever been, as well as informing me that my eyes might be dry, but they're very healthy (which is good to know). I also COULD go for bifocals, if I'd like, but I turned them down this time. As it is, since I get tinted (for the computer), scratch-resistant, fancy lenses, they're expensive enough. I should have them by the 15th, and this time I'll have new lenses put in these frames, as well, so I have two pair.

I have to pay for my car registration this year. I love my 16-year-old truck. A two-year registration, with personalized plates, is going to run me $86.53. Of course, I also have to pass Phoenix-area emissions. She should pass.

I should go outside and fix the sunscreen over the truck. This morning I found that where the wind blew the sun fabric away has allowed the birds to leave nasty messages all over my driver's side door. Bleah.

But I'm tired.
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