July 1st, 2005

Halloween Cat

And now comes Friday

I couldn't believe the news when I started for home. Sandra O'Connor is retiring. Oh, I'll sign petitions and donate what I can and do the song and dance to support a moderate candidate, but in the case of Bush and anything to do with this administration, "There's always more down." I'm skeered. But I do wish the best for Ms. O'Connor. She's a very admirable woman, and a great Arizonan.


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Raves and rants. For anyone who's interested in 'em.

I came home with the idea of actually doing something, but rahirah was napping so I laid down, too, and nearly two hours later... I guess I sort of needed the snooze. I was certainly tired today, although I was in bed by 8:30 last night.

I need to do some website updates, so hopefully I can get my pictures developed tomorrow and get those done, which include finishing an article, and then back to work writing. Entire plotlines and *gasp* themes have appeared in my head, and that never happens when I write. Usually I just write scenes with my characters and then string them all together in some sort of timeline order.
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