June 19th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Too Late Sunday Night

Dang it, where did this weekend go? I feel like I just came home on Friday. Phoo.

Doctor Who season finale. Ohmigod. I have to watch the season over and over again until Christmas, when the next new episode shows. GOD, what a great show. I never watched it until I met rahirah, and my first Doctor was Colin Baker. I liked Dr. Who before. I LOVE it now.

I'm behind again on my flist.

Apparently, my CD burner DOES burn CDs, but it will not read them. When I take the discs I burn to rahirah's machine, they work fine. {HEAVY SIGH}

There was no Farscape this weekend because the sleeve from NetFlix which was supposed to hold episodes 16 and 17 from Season Two instead contained the epis 19 - 21 three-parter (which also arrived in its correct sleeve), and we didn't want to skip that far ahead, so I had to ship it back to get the correct disc.

I ate like a pig this weekend. Now I have to go to bed. It's hot and going to get hotter. Happy Summer Solstice this week.
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