June 9th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Geeky glee!

Today the mail brought to me something I've been waiting over twenty years for. In a matter of speaking.

Twenty-two years ago a Canadian animation company called Nelvana produced a rinky-dink little movie called "Rock & Rule," which my little gang of geeks was SURE was going to revolutionize animation. (Nelvana was also, at the time, rumored to be the studio going to produce the ElfQuest movie. Um, yeah.) I taped it off cable and I've had that old VHS ever since. Of course, it's faded and worn and the sound is appalling, but I was pretty sure it was all I was ever going to get, because of course the movie tanked and it did NOT revolutionize animation. It was released on video and laser disc, but I never found an affordable copy of either, and stuck with my old, home-made one for years and years and years...

But today I have it on DVD. Not just DVD, but, according to the cover, a "...newly restored high definition transfer for optimal picture quality and with a newly remastered Dolby Digital 5.1 surround soundtrack..." DVD. Whoo. Does that mean the colors will not bleed into each other? The vocals on the songs will be audible? '<'gasp'>' I'm very eager to pop this into the player and watch.

And oh, the icons there will be... :D

My back hurts today. I think away from the computer I will go...
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